Sunday, March 27, 2011

Intergovernmental Affairs in DHS and FEMA

In the "new" FEMA [that means the FEMA post March 31,2007 when PKEMA 2006 became fully effective] there once was an Intergovernmental Affairs Office! That office was moved to a direct report to the Secretary DHS by a DHS appropriations statute. The importance of that office to the overall success of FEMA and DHS is worthy of comment, study and Congressional oversight. Juliette Kayeem has returned to Harvard. I have posted on her on this blog before. Now a defeated Democratic Congresswoman has taken over the position. I have now located a position paper issued by the Project on National Security Reform that articulates the importance of that job and office far better than I could so please go to the following:

White Paper: Proposed DHS Office of Intergovernmental Coordination

It would be of interest to know what Juliette Kayeem thought of this paper issued prior to her joining FEMA and if she ever saw it before taking that job or afterwards.