Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Okay more idle speculation!

1. FEMA will not be around in present form at end of the administration whatever the party that wins at the end of the administration beginning January 20, 2012. Why? W. Craig Fugate has been doing an admirable job but the shifting sands of Washington are simply beyond his ken and the ken of those now employed or appointed to FEMA positions.

2. The National Security portfolio of FEMA will be removed by the NSC and President before the end of this first (or last) Obama Administration.

3. DHS will be severely reduced in size before the Presidential election of 2016 no matter who wins in 2012.

4. A new Department focusing on federalism and STATE and local economic development will be in place by 2017. Why? Currently most of the Executive Branch is focused on contracting not grants to the STATES and their local governments. Few federal appointees or employees have experience in STATE or Local Government.

5. Restrictions on deployment of the National Guard for war fighting will be imposed on DOD!

6. AID [Agency for International Development] will be removed from the STATE Department before 2017.

7. Haiti, Chile, NZ, and Japan will suffer at least one more large-scale earthquake this decade. This will devastate the recovery efforts following their recent efforts although some like in Haiti are quite feeble. Also large scale earthquakes will impact Turkey, Iran, China, and huge vulcano eruptions in Indonesia.

8. The UN disaster mission effort will be enlarged.

9. The UN military intervention role will be enlarged with US approval.

10. The USA will join the ICC under duress before 2020. The ICC is the International Criminal Court. And in a sharp turn left SCOTUS will repudiate most of the BUSH/OBAMA national security state activity.