Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teaching at GWU!

I helped Professor Richard Sylves on Monday night teach 24 grad students taking an intro to EM course at GWU! Interesting class with diverse backgrounds socially, ethnically, and discipline. Just as it should be.

I tossed out two main discussion items left unresolved since FEMA created.

First is FEMA the safety net or 911 for the feds or simply a cooperative and collaborative agency handing out money and information but not much technical assistance?

Second, in the face of declining STATES and their local government capability for many reasons should FEMA do more to help the STATES and their local governments on EM? I suggested that we did NOT need 90,000 local administrative units in the USA.

Other than above mainly gave insights or tried to do so through trivial pursuit--meaning incidents or events from the past that shed light on current EM policies and issues.

And because Rick Sylves asked me to discuss job hunting in EM I sorryfully informed the class that networking and who you know gets the foot in the door for most jobs.

Hey all the men were handsome, and all the women were pretty, and all seemed well above average because that may help in finding a job. Also thanks to Rick for the invite as it was a pleasure and hoping I was at least somewhat informative.