Friday, November 18, 2011

PPD-8 and the forthcoming National Preparedness Goal

Under the provisions of the PRESIDENTIAL PREPAREDNESS Directive 8 FEMA will be publishing a new National Preparedness Goal document on November 23, 2011. For once FEMA should indicate who prepared the document, what levels of review and cooridation it have, contractors involved, and level of signoff. Since that basic sign of competence is not likely again suggest perhaps the "NEW" FEMA is not yet new. Reading and thinking still in short supply in FEMA.

Also on its way to the President for signature is a bill enacted by Congress that would replenish the PRESIDENT's DRF[disaster relief fund]. Whew! Thought for a moment the governments principal ATM for STATES and their local governments had come up empty.

A wonderful CRS report on PPD-8 has been posted on my other blog at

That CRS report is also available now on this blog on the home page under FEMA historical resources. Click on that heading and then the next highlighted heading and docs will come up on your screen.

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers, friends, and families. And colleagues. I include in that all EM personnel world wide.

Hey I hope the new Superintendant at EMI position now being filled is filled by someone in the Academic world with a PhD, perhaps even in EM. But since EM is a multi-disciplinary arena could be a sociologist, anthropologist, engineer, geographer, political scientists, government specialist, etc.etc. As long as they have brains and brawn. The latter needed to withstand the cozy pleasures of overeating and enjoying the bucolic life of an EMI/NFA/NETC principal. The crown jewel in the FEMA geography.