Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Death of Patricia Gormley, Esq.

I was notified that Patricia Gormley the only female General Counsel of the independent Executive Branch agency FEMA died this AM one year after her husband.
Pat served as the GC of FEMA from August 1990 to January 20, 1993,and was the first four striper female NAVY JAG officer and a former Counsel to the IG at the Veterans Administration before she came to FEMA. She had been a Marine officer and converted to NAVY JAG after graduating from law school when she ranked as a Marine Corps Major.

IN my considered opinion she was the best of the best, the most courageous GC of FEMA ever, and I loved her unrequited of course.

She will be buried in the future in Arlington Cemetery alongside her husband.

I still think of her and the various challenges she faced as GC of FEMA, me not the least. But she had the highest standards.

Sympathy to all her family and friends that survive her.