Sunday, June 5, 2011


Okay let's give GAO some help in their forthcoming FEMA study as part of review of DHS in its totality re: accomplishment of missions and goals assigned to it since its door opening on March 1, 2003!

First, FEMA never does technical response meaning monitoring and decontamination of HAZMATS!

Second, FEMA rarely gives guidance on how the STATES and their local governments (90,000+) should obtain technical assistance from other federal sources. Nor does FEMA indicate how technical guidance should be obtained from it in its programs, functions,and activities.

Third, FEMA does not publish any internal delegations so that outsiders can understand how its components relate to each other. All other federal Executive Branch components do this (in accordance with law)!

Fourth, FEMA has never completely or adequately explained the connection between the Robert T. Stafford Act and the Price-Anderson Act, nor does it understand the relationship if any. FEMA refused to answer questions posed by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on how a FUKISHIMA style event would be handled in the USA!

Fifth! FEMA is not under the direct command and control of the WH during disasters. Nor has it explained whether it can separately contact the WH on a self-initiated basis with DHS approval!

Sixth! FEMA cannot self initiate (nor its OIG/DHS) audits or reviews of its major contractors.

Seventh! FEMA has not published a COG chain of succession for itself or its components.

Eight! FEMA has NO role in WMD prevention or response!

Nine! FEMA has no capability in Cyber Security issues and policies.

Tenth! FEMA can barely answer Congressional correspondence without contractoce! It relies on contractors to perform many inherently govenrmental functions like preparation of strategic plans.

More to follow!