Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Have I Been? Thinking!

All good think tanks should spend time thinking! So over the last two weeks recharged the batteries and thinking! Watched the series "The Tudors" largely about Henry the VIII who like his cousin the French King died of end stage syphillis. Hey the Queens that lost their heads maybe lucky!

So a study in power and corruption! When in doubt lop off a few heads.

FEMA leadership keeping its head down and working hard! Yesterday hurricane season opened for 2011! Whatever happens this year will control FEMA's fate in my opinion for 2012 and beyond. REASON is simple! Little but outside events even happen to an administration in an election year with the WH and the Executive Branch paralyzed by the need to project the illusion of control.

So now events are in the saddle! As perhaps they always are in fact!

Again GOOD LUCK FEMA in all your endeavours!