Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is the Past Prologue?

I heard another old timer retiring from FEMA on Friday. Vern Wingert. He goes back to the NGA study on Emergency Management and while raising horses actually contributed much to FEMA over the years. It is for others to measure a person's contribution but as for my take on VERN his heart and head were often in the right place IMO on policy issues and operations. And he busted his A__!

But hey I am biased because Vern was always a big help to me. He helped me understand what I refer to as the countervailing forces in FEMA meaning those officials who would do anything to save their skin even while undermining the long term strength of FEMA and adversely impacting the American polity.

My best to VERN and you should be extensively debrieffed by the Adminstrator and others as to your career because their eyes might become wide open. If not them perhaps GAO. Or DHS/IG!

Thanks VERN on behalf of the American people. Come visit me.