Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where Have I been?

My last post on this blog was on June 23rd and now July 23rd. I spent the last 4 weeks visiting friends and visiting spots I had not seen in New England for almost 40 years. But much has been happening in FEMA land and elsewhere in that time. So gradually will be catching up.

The biggest news from and about FEMA is that the President's DRF [Disaster Relief Fund] is dangerously low as we enter the heights of hurricane season. Let's play a game however and ask whether anyone knows (including FEMA officials) whether FEMA has ever paid out relief for drought and heat as a declared Presidential disaster.

Winners are entitled to visit me here where I live on the Little Wicomico River near the mouth of the Potomac. They can stay until tired of my shrillness and Nostrodomus like predictions many of which have proved only too accurate over the last year. And yes, Greece will declare a default because now despite efforts at rescue the rescuers waited only too long to conduct the rescue. Hey the Drachma will be back before the end of the year and time to visit Greece and its splendors of the present and past. A great people and attended a Greek Festival in New England on my pilgrimage.

So here's to returning to blogging.