Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dosimetery and RADEF

I have previously blogged about how the FEMA RADEF program was ended by Director James Lee Witt over the objections of the National Security Council staff. Demonstrated to me JLW clout in the Clinton Administration. Dosimetry policy and guidance also involved the termination of the ROLLA, N.D. dosimetry plant on an Indian Reservation but that plant was owned and operated by GSA. During Desert Shield (1990) FEMA gave over 8,000 dosimeters to the US Navy for their use. At one time advocates in FEMA argued to give a dosimeter to all adult Americans. The problem is of course that dosimeters require periodic calibration. FEMA did have the world record holder for dosimetry patents on its staff for most of its years as an independent agency.

Now dosimetery is again in focus with the publication of NRC of the following Federal Register Notice:

NRC issues draft regulatory guide on dosimetry and this impacts all first responders involved in EP at NRC regulated entities. But this regulatory guide should be of interest to all 1st Responders.