Friday, February 11, 2011

Is the "New" FEMA a Learning Organization?

Recently a report of the DHS/OIG has sparked much comments on the blogs and gray literature. Example follows:

Homeland Security Today: Lack of After-Action Reviews Hurts FEMA Knowledge Base, IG Says

Actually the OIG report is practically an every two year issuance. FEMA does not really want to know how its performance in any major disaster was conducted. It really prefers being an agency that can continue to give out a great deal of money without really adopting standards or policies that give either due process or equal protection of the law. This could be rapidly remedied by waiving sovereign immunity and letting disgruntle grantees sue to promote due process and equal protection. If the Congress wants a quick and dirty reform of disaster relief and curtailment of waste, fraud and abuse it will authorize monetary claims against the US. This seems counter-intuitive but it is not. The problem with lack of real judicial review of FEMA disaster outlays is that it ends up being both discrimatory and results in repetitive outlays to communities and individuals that don't want to mitigate future losses.

So the beat goes on!

And did I mention that LESSONS Learned reports are a statutory mandate from PKEMA 2006?