Monday, May 31, 2010

Further Take on Current Events

Okay tomorrow HURRICANE SEASON officially opens but in Guatemala where I have friends it has already opened. Devasting hurricane there has caused substantial suffering and still no reports back from friends.

OIL SPILL: Now seems a substantial possibility that there is a plume 7-9 miles away from the well head that exploded producing an additional 120,000 barrels of spill a day. Apparently this is known only to insiders in the oil industry and US Government has no clue. My source is several other blogs, including the "Big Picture"! This blog has some creds with me but leave it to others to decide.

HAITI: Increasing tensions and actual physical violence are dominanting the scene in Haiti as government corruption takes it toll on recovery! Predicting that armed groups now terrifying many NGO staff in particular at night well be openly fighting in streets for control by 4th of July. US continues to return fleeing Haitians "captured" at sea to Haiti. There needs to be a humanitarian emmigration plan adopted to allow up to 2 million Haitians to leave Haiti permanently, IMO. The US could easily absord 150,000 of that number for specially designed permanent residency even if no citizenship. Cuba and China workers continue diligently to insinuate themselves into the vitals of Haitain polity and process. And guess what now that famous movie direct of "JFK" and "Platoon" fame is working on a film to demonstarte how Ceasar Chavez had become a S.American hero.

South and North Korean Tensions: Looks to me like hardline elements involved in the succession issues in N.Korea advocated and accomplished the sinking of the S.Korean warship. Now those intergovernmental tensions are leading to continued instability in predicting events on the Korean Penisula. And to make it worse, internal tensions in Chinese government are preventing any coherent policy to prevent a major war next door. If I was Japan I would quietly go to full alert status hoping no notice by MSM and also if President Obama would drastically beef up us Naval Presence in Sea of Japan and area.

ISRAEL: Continued Israeli provocations are driving the increased consensus in the ARAB states that US has totally lost control of Israel and events that might lead to stable situation. So what or where does that leave the peacemakers on all sides? On the sidelines! The attacks on the boats resupplying GAZA will reveal that Israeli policy is violating many international norms. "Dragon Seeds" [Sow your seeds upon the water!] as Upton Sinclair might have labeled these Israeli policies in his wonderful Lanny Bud series of over 10 historical novels leading from first to second world war. I wonder what that only really possible socialist candidate for President and Governor of California would think of the defense of corporate socialism by both major parties in the US. Probably would with IDA TARBEL label them both the "Protect Corporate Greed" Parties.

SUBSAHARAN AFRICA: Well this important part of the world which the US monitors for defense purposeds from Germany (Africa Command) has many many facets that could be explored. What I would request is that readers follow breaking events in Africa closely and see how S.Africa handles the World Cup now about to take place. Hoping for a repeat performance by the US team of the 1950 defeat of a wonderful English team in what still is soccer's premier upset. Looking like Nigeria and Ghana in position to challenge the usual champion suspects like Brazil.

And yes felt I could not wait a full month to do this quickie take on world events since last effort on May 13th.