Thursday, May 13, 2010

Proof The Administration Does NOT Get It; "It" Being Civil Crisis Management

Proof the Administration Does not Get It! “It” being Civil Crisis Management:
The documents below are largely planning and preparedness documents and although they contain mandates they are not fully reflected in the current National Response Framework [NRF] and in any portion or in their entirety fail to create a domestic crisis civil crisis management system. The documentation for that conclusion rests in the events which I will caption in future posts as H1N1, Haiti, and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. More to follow!
HSPD – 5: Management of Domestic Incidents [February 2003]
This document is the premise for several other HSPDs. Amended by HSPD-8 to utilize the term "protection" which was added to the litany of EM functions by PKEMA of 2006 discussed elsewhere on this blog. That term simple and without any rebuttal continues to cause confusion in the Emergency Management community. The current HSPD-5, as amended, fails to utilize current concepts such as resilience, mitigation, the role of State partners, key issues of civil-military relations, and current conflicts between the White House leadership roles and those with INCIDENT COMMAND responsibilities.
HSPD – 8: National Preparedness {November 2003]
Given both its content and relationship to other HSPDs this is among the most important HSPDs. But it failure to keep pace with related documents issued subsequently continues to cause confusion and create administrative problems.

Documents below are still in force but which fail to resolve conflicts in their concepts or which fail to incorporate fundamental principles of Emergency Management.

Interim National Preparedness Goal [to implement in part] Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8: National Preparedness [March 31, 2005]
Also released was the INTEGRATED PLANNING SYSTEM-December 2007
The NRF [National Response Framework] was issued in January 2008
The NIMS mandated by the above was most recently revised in December 2008! It would be interesting to have John Brennan try and describe who was the incident commander in the above events and how NIMS was being utilized. Always remember that the FEDs now sanction STATE and Locals who do not incorporate NIMS into their planning, preparedness, and response. What is good for the Goose should be good for the Gander?