Tuesday, August 10, 2010

DOD Initiatives

There may be implications for HS and EM in SECDEF's announcement to eliminate Joint Forces Command. That organization was at the tip of the spear for a long time on civil military relationships and did quite a bit of productive work. But hey that lead is now NORTHCOM. But in a comment from a non-attributable friend with which I agree I provide the following:

"As usual the solution half-solves a problem and creates a totally one(s). As an operational command JFCOM ceased to function once NORTHCOM was stood up. JFCOM should have been re-designated Joint Training & Doctrine Command (as a four star billet) and the individual services' training commands should have been downgraded one star, i.e. Army's TRADOC four star to three star. With the termination of JFCOM there is no headquarters that is the proponent for joint doctrine."

IMO development of JOINT DOCTRINE on civil military relationships is crucial to our democracy (Republic)! Hoping that NORTHCOM adopts some of the JFCOM military civil effort and can extend the accomplishments, including advancing the civil liaison officers course provided to those officers with off-post relationships development for emergencies that are necessary.