Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 2010 Census and HS/EM

This is shaping up as an incredibily important census for the US and not just because of redistricting of the House of Representatives based on it and the control of various state houses.

First numbers starting to pour out of a underfunded and understaffed Bureau of the Census located in the Department of Commerce.

One significant first finding--20-25% of all children in the US are HISPANIC. The implications for k-12 education of this statistic are enormous. And a graphic of all the school districts in the US majority HISPANIC would be interesting to see.

Of course this also has huge implications for the Armed Services of the US and the Service Academies. Increasingly likely that the overseas face of these forces will be brown not white or black. This may have deep cultural implications for the impact of US forces overseas.

Of course historically, despite William Techumsa Sherman of Civil War fame being an open advocate of the seizure of Cuba post Civil War and being rejected in that interest by U.S. Grant largely on the basis of language not race there are indicators that the fall of the Castro regime which I am predicting this decade will have major implications for the kind of nation the US will be at the end of this century. Not just the ownership of the Havanna MLB franchise will be at stake but how the US faces its foreign relations and future.

A nation-state of between 10-14 million people, Cuba which does not record race in its census activity, has by most estimates been up to 85% black in its racial makeup based on US racial sterotypes. And of course readers of my writings on this blog know I do not consider Barack Obama a black president and due to racial antipathy if he had married a white woman would never have been President. But astoundingly, since the fall of Cuba to Castro, not just the ratio of natural to articifical sugar has changed in the US from less than 10% artificial to over 90% articificial, but the flow of refugees from Cuba has been 85% white as most would define race in the US.

What this means of course is the Cubans living under Castro are not likely to welcome any efforts by the US or Cuban/Americans to retake and dominate the Cuban economy post Castro. What also now seems to be the prevailing view is that the return of Cuban/Americans to their country of origin or ancestry post Castro, but just the opposite. The desire of many Cubans to emigrate to the US permanently. I estimate that many of the over 1 million White Cubans will in fact desire to do just that.

Because of its focus on education and medical care, Cuba far outpunches its weight in the Western Hemisphere even without all those Che Guevera T-shirts and the Motorcycle Diaries. Che of course was a medical student turned revolutionary.

Arguably the Caribean Basin is one of the most interesting areas of the world today in its dynamics. Haiti will be lost permanently to US influence the moment an honest government takes over, or at least partially honest government. Land reform is the major problem for Haiti and where can they look to for guidance--CUBA. And many other nation-states in Central and S.America need land reform above all else.

I am not shocked at this because once ownership of housing in the US shakes out from the current crisis, and investment in housing is revealed as not being a solid one, this issue will perhaps raise its head again in the US as it did prior to FHA [Federal Housing Administration] in the 30's when few in the US owned their own house. This will be the fact of life prevailing again by mid-century.

So looking forwards to the Census take on housing in the US. Not just electrical and water supply but ownership. And of course as all know, many who think they own their house do not.