Monday, December 27, 2010

GOP's First Failure of Leadership in HOUSE

The new 112th House Republican leadership has failed to reorganize any committee's jurisdiction including the previously failed concept known as the Homeland Security Committee. A huge loss for Peter King the new chairman. One way it could recover is to assert leadership over my old favorite missing link--a system of Command and Contol for domestic disasters and and a chain of command. NO repeat NO ADMINISTRATION HAS YET TAKEN ON THIS ISSUE--THE RESULT IS HURRICANE ANDREW AND KATRINA AND these huge demonstrations of ineptitude will be with US shortly. Obama has now pretty much lucked out two hurricane seasons in a row and of course other possibilities exist.

I am now willing to flatly predict that HAITI response and recovery looks like the future for domestic US events also.

And reliable reports indicate that the CUBAN medical teams are now well in excess of battalion strength and closing in on regimental strength. The US MSM blackout of all discussion of CUBANS and their efforts in HAITI continue.

A huge fight in the Executive Branch over provision of emergency water sources in disasters and the jurisdiction of various federal agencies is now actively under way. The National Academy of Science has torpedoed the Principles and Standards released in Draft in 2009 by CEQ correctly suggesting lack of clarity.

So the new year will be full of fun and games but not sure what progress will obtain. Judicial decisions impacting health care and national security will be huge news this year. Because of generic ignorance on the issues of federalism in the federal judiciary and also ignorance of national security concern this may end up fulfilling my prediction that a possible one-term President Obama will face the judgement of history largely based on the outcomes of litigation and nominations in his first and possibly only adminstration! The most devastating comment in arguing for his place in history may be the tickets he punched at Harvard Law School and teaching there. Harvard may not be proud of its reputation post Obama.

All of this adds up to much more detailed and technical analysis on the blog this coming year. Sorry but some who just want less substance will have to be patient.