Saturday, July 17, 2010


Okay let's find out if even the DHS/FEMA contractors can coordinate? In the last 20 months both DHS and FEMA have issued various "review" documents. It always is of interest that often there is no attribution to the preparers of these "review" reports. Here is a short list: First, the National Preparedness Review of January 13, 2009, signed off by the FEMA Administrator but listed as a DHS product. Then, number two, the Quadrennial Homeland Security Review of February 2010. Number 3, the July 15th National Plan Review conducted by FEMA updating the 2006 effort of the same title. Finally, the BUR or Bottom Up Review as part of the QHSR.

Obviously these reports derive from different statutes and mandates from the oversight committees but in fact all are related. What is so interesting is the little use of each document as it appeared of the others, although obviously there are relationships that are crucial to understanding why these documents while trying to be self-contained in reality are highly correlated and should certainly mention any other one that existed when the most recent was issued.

It appears to me that the same contract or administrative staff may have been involved in preparation of all four documents. Even if that is not the case why do they take such different approaches to the same subjects, missions, goals, capabilities and subjects.

If I were the DHS/OIG or the GAO or a member of Congress I would ask that a report be prepared at a minimum listing conflicts or different conclusions or strategies on the same subject. Is this asking too much?  Perhaps DHS and/or FEMA could let a contract to have a contract identify duplications and overlaps in various reports prepared so that the Secretary DHS constant plea to speak with one voice can be accomplished at least in published materials. I really do hope some organization or person has the time to contrast and/or compare these various review efforts.