Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VLG- Technical Note 2010-7-21-- National Strategies

VLG Technical Note
Revised July 21, 2010

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NATIONAL STRATEGIES [various versions identified if known] and Location of document]

(1) National Strategy for Mitigation (1995)-FEMA;
(2) National Strategy for Pre-disaster Mitigation (1997)-FEMA;
Both of the above can be found on the FEMA Resources web page  or by using the link in The FEMA Historical Info link section of the VACATION LANE BLOG
(3) National Strategy for Integrated Public Warning (2003)-PPW;
(4)  National Strategy To Combat Weapons of Mass Destruction (2002)-NSC;
(5) National Money Laundering Strategy (2004)-NSC;
(6) National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza (2005)-HSC;
(7) National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (2006)-HSC;
(8) National Strategy to Combat Terrorism (2006)-NSC;
(9) National Strategy to Combat Terrorism Travel (2006)-HSC;
(10) National Strategy for Combating Terrorism (2006);
(11) National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets Protection (2006)-HSC;
(12) National Strategy for Pandemic Flu Implementation (2006)-HSC;
(13) National Strategy for Aviation Security (March 2007);
(14) Strategy for Homeland Security (revised 2007)-HSC;
(15) Strategy to Enhance International Supply Chain Security (July 2007)- DHS;
(16) National Strategy for Information Sharing (November 2007)-NSC;
(17) National Security Strategy (2010) replacing 2008 version-NSC; *
(18) National Defense Strategy (2008)-NSC;
(19) National Drug Control Strategy (2008)-WH;
(20) Recovering From Disasters-National Transportation Recovery Strategy (October 2009)-DOT;
(21) National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats-(November 2009)-NSC;
(22) National Disaster Housing Strategy (2010)-DHS;
(23) National Health Security Strategy (2010)-NSC;
*The Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986 requires each Administration to produce a classified and unclassified National Security Strategy each calendar year. The annual requirement has often been honored in the breach. The first such unclassified strategy to mention “terrorism” as a national security threat was issued in 1992. No national security strategy has mentioned Homeland Security but some do mention Homeland Defense. Also the Obama Administration has yet to issue either a classified or unclassified National Security Strategy in compliance with Goldwater-Nichols Act.