Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 111th Congress Drifts to it End!

Some may wonder why so many posts about politics and the Washington Political scene? Well this ends with this post because only the November elections will sort out what is what on the Washinton Scene.

But some trickles that indicate that the DEMS are now just largely posturing while the Republicans fail to understand their challenge from the right from the TEA PARTY!

Chairman Bennie Thompson held a hearing yesterday of his Homeland Security Committee on the issues of domestic terrorism and the growing threats from various elements of the US polity. This hearing as ususal did not discuss the history, successes, or failures of US efforts on terrorism so to give a bit of perspective here goes. Attorney General Palmer under President Woodrow Wilson spent a great deal of time and effort rounding up and deporting Communitsts, syndicalists, and anarchists, many Jewish immigrants from the US. The first real use of the immigration laws to serve the STATES interest in protecting itself against radicalism. Of course, led by none other than J.Edgar Hoover the raids went overboard were largely witch hunts and many innocents got injured in the process.
Then of course we have the FBI and other organizations conducting further inquiries leading to the enhancements of the career of Senatory Pat McCarran of Neveda and later Joseph McCarthy. There is unassailable evidence that Constitutional norms were heavily violated and of course as established by the VENONA tapes and other events there clearly was a major Soviet anti-US effort at penetration mounted from 1932 and the recognition of the Soviet Union b the US until the collapse of the wall in 1989. Even now the Russian effort at penetration is significant but largely devoted to commercial INTEL not governmental since the US government is so openly penetrated by foreign agents that even members of Congress have employed foreign nations with INTEL backgrounds on their staffs. The game, the whole game, in the world today is to largely ignore as players any nation-states other than the US and China. The strange thing about the US and China is that for over 200 years the complexity of the relationship between the two nation-states reflected in immigration, religion, and commercial practice is almost totally undocumented by those who might or should know it cold, including the academic community. I would even argue that the Senate and House Foreign Affairs committees should have a specific subcommittee devoted to Chines policies and issues.
That stated the Thompson hearing heard some important things but did little to shed light on why they were important or what might be done or has been done. Looking for Peter King to do a better job if he becomes Chairman of the Committee in the 112th Congress.

Second the end of the primary season leads me to conclude that the Republican party has been hurt more by the TEA PARTY than the DEMS. The Senate may be saved but the HOUSE still looks like a Republican turnover.

Behind the scenes the Obama administration is planning several October surprises after the Congress recesses. It remains to be seen how effective they will be in trying to hold the Senate (which I now predict) and to keep the House Democratic. It has finally dawned on the Obama Administration what a devastating blow the Gingrich takeover of the House in 1994 was to the Clinton Administration. As to issues--while their are many potential issues--there are certainly some impeachable issues floating around for Obama far more serious than sex with a WH intern. Remember several President's have been impeached but none convicted [by the Senate]. That includes Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon [who resigned after impeachment] and William Jefferson Clinton.

It also appears that the ninth anniversary of 9/11/01 largely ignored substance and was utilized not to document progress or lack thereof in Homeland Security but to convey sympathy and empathy for those fighting the GWOT or victims of the events of 9/11/01.

It of course remains to be seen if democracy itself was or is one of the victims of 9/11/01. So lt's hold for now on more political analysis even while the next year kicks off several major efforts to document the progress and failures of HS since 9/11/01. Some of these will be discussed on this blog.