Friday, September 24, 2010


Hey I have many interests but thought that a brief disclaimer might be appropriate for information posted on this blog. First, it is not legal advice. I am not liscensed to practice law in any jurisdiction. Second, while I have broad interests and this blog reflects it my knowledge base is largely one gathered through the passage of time, not formal education, training, or inherent business. I was a bureacrat for over 30 years.

That stated certain important subjects and relationships I continue to study and try and understand but really are often out of my depth on these areas of concern. So I will list a few now and probably add to over time. I will also give a brief statement as to why I am limited in my knowledge base or abilities.

First!  Risk Assessment and Analysis. I view this as largely a quantitative area and am not a quant.

Second: Economics. Same reason as number 1 above.

Third: Public Health and Medical disciplines.

Fourth: Engineering and Science. I am neither.

Fifth: Many other disciplines that add to the totality of what I view as HS/EM. My background is law and the Executive Branch of the federal government.

Sixth:  Law Enforcement. I have no background in law enforcement or criminal justice.

Seventh: Military policy, conduct or issues. I was drafted and eventually commissioned in the Field Artillery and served a total of two years, ten months, four days, and eleven hours but who was counting. It gave me some context but that was over 40 years ago.

All these areas are very important and I constantly worry as how their critical policies and information gets integrated with decision makers without any background. Just trying to stay updated on key reports and policy changes is very difficult. That is why teams of various disciplines are so very very important. I just hope this blog helps a little for the eventual formulation of good policy and law.

In the meantime back to work.