Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years Later

Amazing that time can fly even if pigs cannot. The filter of time should allow more evidence of the incorporation into the liturgy of the politicians and religious leaders of the US as to that days events. Also the military/academic/industrial/congressional complex and its desire to spend money as opposed to thinking of various alternatives that might have occurred historically if different choices had been made by the US leadership.
Personally I see no comprehensive analysis of why the US leadership so missed the developments of the modern Islamic World and in fact continues to hide the growth of the population of that world and their influence, often petroleum related of course. Is that really an attempt at diversion of attention from some reality or vision that might allow the events of 9/11/01 to be more properly in focus even 9 years later. Are there more of US studying Islam and the history and current world-view of the Islamic World, the largest country of course being the non-Arabic Indonesia with only one of its islands non-majority Islam [that being BALI]!
Despite the shocks of 9/11/01 still not many Americans interested in digging deep into other cultures or languages or understanding history of the rest of the world. So I continue to believe other shocks will be administered to the US which cannot seem to leverage its talents and focus on why the rest of the world cannot grasp all the reasons the US should still be allowed to dominate the globalization of finance and consume 25% annually of the entire world's resources.
I have written elsewhere is that leadership is about uniting not dividing but appears another election cycle about to be completed with very little expression of leadership but a lot about division. Can the whole be made stronger but a united vision? Maybe but no one providing that alternative to more 9/11/01s IMO.
Over the next year will attempt to document some failures and successes of the US since 9/11/01. Unfortunately, Iraq and Afghanistan will not be on the latter list.