Thursday, November 4, 2010

But Can They Govern--DEMS and GOP!

Well one post more until back to HS/EM. And very very sorry that we lost an important blogger at In Case of Emergency Blog. We need and I need all the help I can get. That blog focused on Individual and Family Preparedness, as did Dr. Ralph Swisher who in his 80's finally retired from running the Family Preparedness Program at FEMA, which started under the Civil Defense Program which ran from 1950-1994. He also is a gem and contributed much to the subject of Individual and Family Preparedness.

Well back to governance. The House Committee Chairs will be all important players. Note for example that Ralph Hall, the oldest member of the House of Representatives at 87 is scheduled to lead the Science Committee. Watching the committee assignments will be crucial to the success of the 112th Congress however one measures that success.

Clearly the early fights may show some tell tails as the LAME DUCK Congress takes up the Debt Limit Extension, continuation of the CR [Continuing Resolution] that funds the budget for this FY [Fiscal Year] the FY 2011!

And of course the formal election of the Speaker and various members of the Leadership of both parties in House and Senate. The new Congress reconvenes on Monday, January 3rd!

I expect the GOP to reorganize the HOUSE Committee structure but could be wrong. This will be the first substantial revision in four decades, and jurisdiction over key statutes and Executive Branch organizations, and thus contractors that support the Executive Branch and are key supporters of incumbents will become a major struggle. The current Committee structure is abominable IMO. Science drive programs in the Executive Branch and Science and Technology issues generally are mishandled largely due to the ignorance of the members of Congress on Science and Technology issues and lack of interest or curiosity to learn what they need to know. Or the Lobbyists that thrive on ignorance continue to dominate Congress. Note that the only Phyicist in the entire membership of HOUSE and SENATE was defeated on Tuesday for re-election.

AS to President OBAMA I think he might strongly need to consider that there may not be a second term. And of course that could change the way he governs. Now looking like his major contribution to history will be SCOTUS appointments and if he gets one or two more that will be an amazing effort to get his nominees confirmed. I would gear up now.

And it appears that destruction of the Global Economy by an Adminstration and FEDERAL RESERVE devaluing the dollar will be an enormous issue and the currency wars will dominate the rest of this decade.