Sunday, November 21, 2010

Organizations That Could Impact HS/EM the MOST Over Next Decade

Another top ten list of organizations that have enough clout in Washington to significantly impact HS/EM over the next decade but probably will not do so for a variety of reasons. A study of their relative impact on policy would be of significant interest in identifying organizational success and failures since 9/11/01!

1. US House of Representatives.

2. US Senate.

3. GAO.

4. National Guard.

5. Fire Service.

6. DHS.

7. FEMA.

8. RED STATE Governors.

9. BLUE STATE Governors.

10. HS/EM Lobbying Organizations.

In the near future will be giving out information on the top ten in influence with some reasons why! And of course the listing above does not mean no impact at all. Just that these are the big ones that could positively impact HSEM!

The single most likely factor to influence HS/EM policy the next decade is that which influenced it most heavily since WWII. ACTUAL REAL WORLD INCIDENTS AND EVENTS!

Professor Thomas Birkland, PhD, and his focusing events theorem seems to have been proven correct in his published analysis in books and articles. See Claire Rubin's various charts on her website. I refer to these charts as the DEAD SEA SCROLLS of HS/EM!