Tuesday, November 30, 2010

National Disaster Recovery Strategy

The National Disaster Recovery Strategy appeared in early February of this year. Go to: http://www.fema.gov/recoveryframework/
The strategy was mandated in statute back in October 2006 in PKEMA 2006. Hey nobody is perfect.

At any rate that document which had FEMA assigned as the lead but is really multi-agency [especially Department of Housing and Urban Development] was not still born. It is reliably reported that the final version will appear sometime in the next 90 days.

But here is what interests me. I have been reliably informed that it is the WH and NSS that have placed it in a lower priority than some other projects. Amazingly, the reason being given out by the NSS and WH is the US efforts in Haiti and its recovery. Many readers of this blog know I believe that "domestic" disaster has been completely blotched.

Well another example of lack of "grip" by this Administration. Not as bad as starting a war based on bad INTEL but still gives interesting insight IMO to competence of NSS and the WH. Again of course FEMA is the fall guy for the incompetence and lack of decision in others.

Time will tell. But it is lucky no large scale landfalling hurricanes this season in the US. And now I understand that Senator Landrieu is likely to become more powerful on Senate Appropriations committee. Also an assignment of a minority member that I find of interest is newly minted Senator Rob Portman Republican of Ohio to that Committee and possibly as the ranking Minority Member. WOW. Why? Senator to be Portman was a former Bush era Director of OMB. He knows disaster relief, assistance and recovery cold. Senator Mary Landriue of course views the President's DRF as her personal bank for making sure that NOLA stays in business. Her brother is Mayor. Interesting that no real academic, economic, polictical analysis has appeared out of the various arenas as to whether the sunk costs of NOLA are worth its preservation. Nostalgia. In Las Vegas most of the most prominent aspects of NOLA gambling and entertainment and dining have been fully duplicated. I guess life in NOLA prepares you for "recoverying" in the desert.