Monday, September 26, 2011

Contagion-The Movie

In the recently released movie "Contagion" FEMA is only mentioned once. Perhaps I missed other references. But in that reference I do remember FEMA's only role in a Pandemic situation is to provide emergency food to the population. Assuming that MASS CARE which now has FEMA in the lead and support from the ARC [American Red Cross] and involves mass evacuation, feeding, sheltering, and emergency medical care perhaps this reference is correct.

However look at the Department of Agricultural role in E.O. 12656 as currently amended and in a so-called NATIONAL SECURITY EMERGENCY [note none has ever been declared and that term exists nowhere in the US Code] AG does have the emergency feeding role.

So my question is who or what organization is set up to feed the populace in crisis management situations? In most cases food on grocery shelves requires restocking every 3 days. Given theft and hoarding it might not even last 3 days before shelves are bare. Worth a study? I think so. My understanding is that there are three domestic manufacturers of MRE but not sure and not sure of international production sources.