Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have posted several new docs on this blog under FEMA Historical info on the homepage including a September 11th, 2007 on the organizational changes implemented by DHS to comply with the PKEMRA 2006. Note it is a Chertoff letter to Congress not a FEMA letter. That distinction is made because even today FEMA has not fully internalized the reorganizations of DHS that impacted its current organization. But that will be shown perhaps by the impacts of Tropical Storm Lee on NOLA.

Tropical Storm Lee may dump up to 20 inches of rain on Southern Louisiana and Missisippi.

For NOLA the result could be further calamity because while the USACOE did make some effort post-Katrina USACOE has largely not been in on the design of internal drainage for NOLA nor its implementation or operation. Seldom mentioned in analysis of Katrina and its collapse of NOLA flood walls is the difficiency in internal drainage for NOLA.

Will NOLA need a second post-Hurricane Betsy [1965] rebuilding only to be destroyed again?