Friday, September 23, 2011

National Disaster Recovery Framework

Okay is it too much to ask for basic honesty in FEMA with respect to the various documents it issues? For example Congress called for a National Disaster Recovery Strategy in PKEMRA 2006 and apparently this recently issued FRAMEWORK is the response. Ignoring title and non-references to the statutory mandate or even prior drafts or other key documents like the lengthy SENATE letter to FEMA on the first draft of the Strategy why don't these documents indicate level of signoff, whether other federal agencies (OFA) or NGO's given review time for final version and whether prepared with assistance of a contractor or outside organization?

IMO all this helps to evaluate the potential usefulness of the document. I wonder if those struggling to recover in the North EAST after Hurricane Irene will find this document of ANY relevance or materiality to their current recovery efforts.

And why is this document not noticed for availability in the FEDERAL REGISTER? It does not have to be published full text there but given a response [at least in part] to a statutory mandate why not notice it officially?

FEMA is always dying for failure to get the details correct and wonder why this has been the entirety of its history!