Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Extension of the NFIP--And meaningless measures?

IN sixteen days the NFIP authority to issue new policies or renew policies expires. I am predicting despite passage of bills in both House and Senate that a relatively clean 5 year extension will take place. Most of the measures could now occur by administrative actions but for almost two decades the NFIP managers have largely allowed Congress to dictate any changes to the NFIP administrative structure. Those measures have largely been repudiated by actual flooding events and the new ones are likely to do so also.

Despite a highly publicized effort to gather comments from many sources on NFIP reform [I myself submitted over 25] as far as I know the Administration submitted no recommendations on suggested legislative action.

In summary again the program has left behind the current managers and the competence of the Congressional staffs and lobbying interests to reform the NFIP and now it is at its highest risk ever as all begin to realize it did not impact disaster outlays from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee in particular in Vermont, NY, and New Jersey.

Well time will tell whether my crystal ball is clouded.