Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Arsenal of the Dictatorships

Hey part of the fun of blogging is occasionally deviating from the central purpose of the blog. Perhaps this is more related than I think as now MUMBAI type attacks are considered probable in the US and we now know the key MUMBAI terror attack planner was a US national. Perhaps the world will decide to invade the US because they know we have WMD and know that we harbor terrorists. JOKE? Not very funny.

Anyhow a number of thinktanks that specialize in the international sales of conventional weapons have again identified the US as the principle sales organization. It is convoluted but it does appear that the STATE DEPARTMENT cannot actually veto sales and transfers by DOD under various military assistance programs.  Also STATE cannot veto DOC [Department of Commerce] approvals of technology transfers even those with dual use--civil military implications. So when is the last time this issue was discussed openly. Looks like the Merchants of Death are in reality the US government and its minions that want to generate revenues to offset deficits by conventional arms sales--whether or not they make sense through our foreign policy and foreign relations focus.

So thank goodness for that good old AK-47 and its progeny produced by over 100 countries and with a world wide market even in the good old USA. Actually sales of this weapon rise to that of a basic commodity and probably should be listed on US commodity exchanges. Oddly as an investment should one decide to do that stockpiling that weapon and its offspring probably rival art and othe exclusive collectibles for reliable value. Perhaps an AK-47 market analysis to accompany each listing of the gold market. Probably related but don't know that for sure. Reason more sales of AK-47 the more gold is bought. Now even S.Korea has decided to enter the gold market in a big way. Well an update of the AK-47 and its progeny would probably become a best seller at least in US with its 10 million gun collectors, meaning those with more than 3-5 guns, including pistols and rifles.

And I have been able to locate no Congressional oversight of the US involvement in conventional arms sales in the last 3 decades. So Congress get to work.

Let's re-establish the ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT AGENCY--[ACDA] and include traffic in conventional arms as one of its listed subjects for regulation and analysis.