Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recommendations to the New House Leadership

Assuming that the 112th Congress has a House of Representatives that is majority Republican what are my recommendations.

First, that Committee Chairs be picked on Comptence based on their education, training, experience, and not political longevity. Theoretically this is now the system.

Second! Stop authorizing federal programs, functions, and activities through appropriation statutes. Let the Authorizing Committees get to work.

Third! Combine the Homeland Security and Armed Services Committee into a new National Security Committee.

Fourth: Adopt a rule that NO MEMBER of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES may represent the interests of a contractor either in committee or on the floor of the HOUSE without first publically revealing the lifetime totals of contributions from that Contractor.

FIFTH: NO FOREIGN NATIONAL, even with dual citizenship, may be employed as Congressional STAFF.

SIXTH: All allegations concerning the ethics of MEMBERS shall be made public and all proceedings on those allegations shall be made public.

SEVENTH: The HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES shall establish a committee on FEDERALISM and any proposed statute shall be review by that Committee Staff and its members for federalism implications.Those recommendations shall be furnished to the entire membership of the HOUSE prior to any floor action on that legislation.

EIGHT: HOUSE Rules should be operated with a view to the fairness of those rules on the minority party. To the extent possible, HOUSE RULES should promote fairness and open government.

NINE: MEMBERS of EACH HOUSE/SENATE conference appointed to the Conference from the House of Representatives should to the extent possible represent the views of minority of the HOUSE, specifically this should be done by reflecting conference membership based on Committee ratios.

TEN: Consideration should be given to establishing a technically expert support organization on science and technology issues, including for example cyber security.

More to follow: