Tuesday, October 26, 2010

US Resilience

After considerable thought I have reorganized my brain and computer files so that the Term "RESILIENCE" is now the overarching EM paradigm and also the same for HS.

Thus, I include the terms (1) Protection; (2) Prevention; (3) Preparedness; (4) mitigation; (5) response;  and (6) recovery as subsets of resilience.

Time will tell whether this makes any sense. Each of these terms is not in my mind a ridgid category either linear in sequence, nor compartmented but overall I do seem attracted to organization efforts, policies, and programs, functions, and activities that support the Nation's resilience, STATE and their local government resilience, and family and individual resilience.

This term was utilized in the CSIS report by Amanda Dory on detail to CSIS from DOD entitled "Civil Security" issued in 2003!

My policy recommendation is that all programs, functions, and activities of DHS and FEMA should be looked at from how exctly they support resilience if at all or are organized to promote that concept. I actually believe the entirety of the Executive Branch might usefully also do that analysis.