Thursday, October 21, 2010

Current Events-A Snapshot

Note I will be off blog from tomorrow through tuesday leaving only a week before an election that may see the beginning of the end of the Republicans or Democrats, and then again maybe not.

Okay some old favorites first:

1. Haiti--still 1.5 million people just offshore in this large scale DOMESTIC not foreign disaster are still without adequate food, medical care, shelter. Hey the US posturing continues, with Bill and Hillary in the lead of proclaiming concern while doing almost nothing. Big charities continue to sit on Haitian earthquake donations while doing little to leverage those donations. Science  is proceeding with findings of bedrock ridge that may have made things worse but opens potential for some mitigation. Foreign powers, CHINA, CUBA, VENZUELA contniue their efforts in Haiti below the reporting levels of US MSM. The one year mark could result in savage reviews of Obama Adminsitration performance. Key event in Haitian history forthcoming--their Presidential election with US as manipulative as ever on side of ruthless capitalism and sweat shops and no land reform.

2. BP Catastrophe--Environmental groups finally have organized their litigation. BP is using salami tactics to hide their finanical difficuly--selling a slice a at time hoping no one notices their cash flow problems. I personally think there will be no BP five years down the road and only the fact that UK and US pension funds heavily invested have allowed survival so far. Also no federal lawsuit yet filed against BP left solely to private litigants.

3. 111th Congess--I still predict the Senate will stay DEM but barely but HOUSE will not. But if it does stay DEM then Nancy Pelosi will again be Speaker and watch her revenge on non-supporters stupid enough to go public against her. The Speaker vote of course is a secret ballot and Donkeys and Elephants both vote.

4. The Lame Duck session--almost guaranteed now and almost guaranteed trouble for the Administration. The only slim reed to make that session productive is the Speaker who may be the only politician the DEMS have that expresses Biblical rightous indignation at events and other politicians. Go NANCY!  You go girl!

5. Saudi Arms Sale--This sale of conventional weapons will sail through and is fast tracked as US trys after the barn door is open to protect against Iranian breakout as dominant power in the "PERSIAN" gulf. The strange thing is the emergence of TURKEY as a major player in the world and middle EAST. If the Kurds did not exist they would really be flying high, economically, militarily, and culturally as still largely secular nation.

6. Iraq--formation of a government is basic to any kind of government hoping to have the semblance of other than dictatorship no matter how authoritarian. Inability to do so means chaos. US still does not indicate publically its exact role for 100,000K US nationals and contractors that will remain in Iraq after Easter.

7. UK--Headed to financial and military collapse. Desperation setting in as the wonderful period of English/British history from discovery of North Sea oil until today may be sunsetting. But hey maybe gas discovery and conversion will allow the British to "endure" as their coat of arms states.

8. Foreclosure crisis--Still being spun daily. Bottom line control over the question is with the Title Insurance Companies who have been left very vulnerable. If they do market withdrawal until the turmoil ends then residential real estate market really collapases. Looking like those who bought or sold residential real estate or refinanced in last 15 years have doubtful title to their property unless they paid cash and documents registered in local court houses.

9. Obama Administration--Well the rats have left or been fired or will be. Obama finally gets the fact that their may only be two years left for his time on world stage. The dangers of unpreparedness for the highest office and greatest responsibilities in the world now self-evident for his friends and foes. Too bad ego and hubris made him rush his time in the spotlight.

10. 2012 election--Still think Biden will get sick and Hillary on ticket. Notice it is Biden not Obama making all the statements about his remaining on ticket. Hillary play it cool and calculating. Yes--maybe we do have a twofer at STATE just like we did during the Clinton Presidency. Personally I think her self control and self discipline makes her the most feared potential candidate for the Republicans in 2012, and would not forgo possibility of a run when Obama announces he has had enough.

And for the Republicans in 2012 looking like Jeb Bush as the lead with Mitch Daniels as VP but long way to go.

AS you can guess I enjoy this frivolity although there is underlying concern that the US is being rapidly outsmarted and outmanueverd by at least 10 other nation-states at the moment.  Perhaps too bad some of that ferocious lobbying talent in DC is not shackled to the Ship of State and given the order ROW ROW in order to LIVE!