Saturday, October 9, 2010

Research Materials--Oddball URLs

From time to time I add to my collection of somewhat oddball URLs that I find myself searching for to refresh my memory. Thanks to Steve Aftergood at FAS [Federation of American Scientists] for help in scanning an posting many of these.

Anyhow here is latest roundup of stray URLs:

VLG Technical Note-Common Use URLs-

  1. Trefry Report—
  2. NAPB-90—
  3. Argonne Chron---
  4. NSDDs—
  5. CRS On EO 12657—
  6. FEMA 2000 Transition Book submission for Presidential Transition Team from George W. Bush to Barack H. Obama as President--
  7. 1962 National Emergency Study of authority extract--
  8. Historical Materials scanned by FAS--
  9.  December 1985 AG Letter--
  10.  June 85 AG letter--
  11. A Concept of Homeland Security--