Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Annual Report on Preparedness

PKEMA 2006 mandates that FEMA produce annually a report on the state of preparedness in the US at all levels of government. The statute became fully operative on March 31, 2007, and the first required preparedness report was issued in January 2009 at the very end of the Bush Administration.

FEMA did seem to issue a preparedness report last summer but as usual did not indicate whether one of a series, in compliance with the statutory mandate or whatever. That report was prepared with the help of an advisory group and indicated it was in compliance with another statute. That report is included in the Baseline Docs on this blog.

So what could be one of FEMA's most critical obligations and chance to influence events and EM has been left to some future time. My hope is that FEMA would take official notice in some way of the enormous cutbacks in STATE and LOCAL Government capability due to budget restrictions. This blog reflects my belief that STATES and Their Local Governments are at least 25% less capable than in January 2007 just before the annual report mandate became law.

And as to FEMA preparedness, fewer than 10% of FEMA staff have completed NIMS training. This is a Guestimate!