Friday, January 7, 2011


RAND has issued a new overview report on Haiti! It will be posted on this blog under baseline docs at some point! It concludes that the government of Haiti should be made more "resiient" by International aid and NGO's!

There is NO mention of corruption in the report and no mention that there is in fact NO functioning government in Haiti! Perhaps a topic for academic study. Also there is no real analysis of the failed UN effort in Haiti or the source of the Cholera now racking the country.

In her year end report of DHS success stories in 2010 the Secretary announces over 1000 FTE spent time Haiti Earthquake response. There is no breakdown or analysis of what exactly this DHS consisted of in fact.

All of this should be the subject of Congressional and GAO oversight!

I argue that Haiti was and is a domestic disaster and it further demonstrates the President and Administration has no idea that Haiti is the equivalent of Bill Clinton's nonfeasance in Rwanda. By the way Bill Clinton's efforts in Haiti have now been specifically criticized in some MSM!