Saturday, January 29, 2011

FEMA RESOURCES- Blog Home page

I continue to add documents to both the FEMA Historical info section on the HOME PAGE of the Blog and Baseline docs.

I recently added to the FEMA RESOURCES info a disaster handbook for staff officers written for the CALL of the US ARMY. This is the Center for the ARMY LESSONS LEARNED CENTER and I found this document a useful overview and its existence makes me wonder why so little comes out of FEMA of a similar style. After all, my knowledge comes from years of living not necessarily position or intelligence and documents that provide overviews for newcomers which always will exist in EM and for real world events would be very helpful IMO!

Oddly Marilyn Quayle when she sat for several years on FEMA's then existing Advisory Committee suggested much the same and also a more extensive program of training DAE's long before any deployment. Many other useful suggestions came from those meetings all transcribed in some fashion but certainly now all lost to time and FEMA's incapacity to retain its history in all events. Destruction of the FEMA library certainly one evidence of that lack of interest in the past. Perhaps that is why FEMA continues to make the same mistakes and create the same problems over and over.

Time will tell the accuracy of the conclusion above.