Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well the confirmed death toll from Cholera in Haiti has now passed 4,000. FEMA is claiming and DHS saying the same that the deployment of DHS/FEMA staff for Haiti issues and in response to the earthquake and other reasons exceed over 1,000 live bodies of DHSers, including FEMA. Wondering how this was paid for? I keep getting word that OFDA now stiff arms FEMA involvement in anything. So interesting relationship.

Of course all should know that I am for taking OFDA disaster mission from OFDA and giving to DHS/FEMA so perhaps with government reorganization on the table after the SOTU that is what really worries OFDA.

And did I mention that almost all OFDA assistance and US AID assistance goes out through stateside contractors and NGO's. And no audits ever performed by OIG AID on religious NGO's overseas that are Christian in their beliefs. Well another interesting issue or issues for Congress to look over when trying to discover how the Executive Branch really works.

Check the Semi-annual audits by OGE of AID and OFDA for interesting reading.