Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blog Evolution!

AS many know I have not encouraged comments on this blog and do not intend to encourage them. But I am starting a new blog on Wordpress with the caption Vacationlanegrp! Comments will be welcome on any postings on that blog. As always e-mails may be sent directly to me at vacationlanegrp@aol.com or more simply at vlg338@Yahoo.com

Over time I am hoping the evolution of the two blogs will result in clear evidence of the distinction between them. The Vacation Lane Blog will be more focused on FEMA and its history and the Vacationlanegrp blog on current events and the milieu of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

By the way Australia (either the world's largest Island or the 7th Continent-Making Papua/New Guinea the largest Island)is definitely having a mindboggling flood at present. Guess safety on top of Ayres Rock.