Monday, January 24, 2011

STATE of the UNION-January 2011

Well the big one is tomorrow night. Personally I believe a short note to Congress reminding them of the sorry plight of the UNION and caused by both the machinations of the Executive Branch and Congress (and perhaps feckless voters?) would be in order. No requirement for a speech.

Betting against any mention of the absolute crisis in STATE and their LOCAL governments finances. Also no mention of crisis management, HS or EM, or FEMA or military/civil issues or policies, or lack of a domestic crisi response and recovery system.

No the concentration will be on the private sector creating new jobs when he knows that they won't or cannot. In the meantime government payrolls in big trouble even now and attracting the best and the brightest to government service very far from the thoughts of Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, and independents.

Also no mention of CORRUPTION at all levels of government and in the business world. No mention of oligarchs in US. No mention of the efforts by the top 1% income wise in US avoiding paying their fair share of taxes and hidding income overseas.

No mention of the $12 Trillion the FED backdoored to a totally corrupt and incompetent FIRE sector (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate)!

No mention of the largest oil spill in US history and its implications.

No mention of the need for changes in FOREIGN POLICY and FOREIGN relations with the example of TUNISIA.

No mention of HAITI and how US let polio and cholera break out and how and why it now is that STATE recommends against travel to HAITI. No mention of any W. Hemisphere country or implications for US. Such as cartel wars in neighbor Mexico.

In fact my guess is the speech will be largely devoted to a coverup effort in a vain hope that re-election in 2012 will occur. And did I mention that NO MENTION will be made of the new Republican majority in Congress.

Well perhaps WIKIPEDIA and WIKILEAKS will get a mention since the later seems to have terrified the DAVOS class.

Predictions for 2011! More revolutions in the world especially Arabia. More fighting in the middle-east. More destruction of democratic norms elsewhere and in the US.

And of course a further 10-20% decline in the residential real estate market. Rolling over those commercial real estate loans also will not be easy.

But hey Mother Nature may just hand OBAMA the big one or even several small ones this year. No doubt he thinks the NEW FEMA is fixed and the fact that he was lucky in not having major disasters like ANDREW or KATRINA was due to his good efforts.

And efforts to reform disaster relief and the NFIP will occur but will indicate complete ignorance of the real policy issues.

And of course hoping for the best!