Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well did we learn much from either side tonight? Glad to hear that Obama would phase out subsidizes to the fossil fuel extractive industries. Interesting topic but seriously doubt this Congress (the 112th) would make the effort. No tackling of issues like eliminating the home mortgage deduction when in excess of $250k. Speech much like ones in gave in campaigning in 2008. Trouble is this is 2011. And his across the board freeze proposal is amatuer night.

I did find interesting his mention of reorganization of the Executive Branch. Well time will tell on that one.

My laundry list of what would NOT be mentioned in my Monday post seems pretty accurate unless I fell asleep. Will review the speech in the written record tomorrow to check for sure.

Ryan gave the speech he wanted to so I guess that makes he and the President equal. Neither gave a leadership speech which is what the country needs.

Basic conclusion on Obama as President so far? Too inexperienced and not tough enough. Governing is a brutal business and not for the faint of heart. Betting many trips in next two years overseas while he winds up his presidency.