Sunday, January 9, 2011

Congress Loses A Member But also Self-destructs!

The tragic temporary or maybe permanent loss of a member of Congress due to assasination in Arizona reminds US all of our impermanence and that random violent acts can impact our history! The Republican Majority in the HOUSE out of respect has recessed for the next week. Whether that gesture is totally a result of the assasination is open to question but in good faith assume it is a worthy gesture to a member of the loyal opposition damaged by gunshot, and perhaps killed or perhaps worse permanently crippled.

But so much for the Republican leadership in the house. With the tremendous disadvantage of being in the minority the DEMS have recessed for two weeks awaiting the guidance of the President's STATE OF THE UNION address. I think matching the Republican majority would have been sensible but the minority DEMS so far have shown no convincing evidence they are willing to organize sufficiently to defend their party and its positions against the newly installed majority.

Bottom Line: January has been frittered away by both parties and the Administration due to fate and indecision and lack of leadership. I suspect that history will not also show forbearance of those who squander their time.

I am hoping the phrase "Gabrielle I barely knew you" does not apply to this tragic loss of Representative Giffords and even now wondering how she survived politically REPUBLICAN dominance in the STATE of ARIZONA. Bless her and her family and friends throughout the days and weeks and years ahead!