Saturday, January 29, 2011

Structural Modifications of the Floodplain-Levees

Congress in 2007 mandated a comprehensive study of levee safety. The draft report can be found at: National Committee on Levee Safety website. Or just go to my other blog at

What I have recently learned is that USACOE and the Levee Safety Committee has no intention of finalizing the report but is using 20 interface with interested parties meetings to come up with a new legislative proposal.

So USACOE has another reprieve in their decades long effort to prevent oversight and modification of their levee activities by Congress or the WH. And note how strictly defined "levee" is by USACOE to avoid contaminating their efforts on "Hurricane Projects and Levees" and "Flood Wall"!

There benefit cost analysis has been demonstrated to be makebelieve but FEMA is even worse by not using any benefit cost analysis or the P&S in their massive outlays to repair water resource projects built by the USACOE and others and in particular levees.

Hey the beat goes on! Congressman Darrell ISSA won't be issuing subpoenas to USACOE. After all is he from California.
The agricultural levees masquerading as flood control levees in the Sacremento River area and also the Salton Sea are problematic for any major effort without federal assistance. As some realize the development of the 20th century of the US was largely an interaction with energy, WWII, and then federal post-WWII programs with California receiving the most federal disaster dollars, often on a repetitive basis since WWII.