Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Political Assassination and Homeland Security

The impact of the Arizona shootings continues to have fallout nationally!

IMO it will be lasting for two reasons: First the survival of Congresswoman Giffords is still in doubt but her treatment and recovery are a huge human interest story both because of her politics and personality!

I am guessing is that the TEA PARTY will survive because its survival is based on the corruption in Washington that will continue. That continued corruption does seem headed on a collision course with our democracy (actually a REPUBLIC of course)! And members of both parties that take on Washington corruption will be favorites of the TEA Partiers and the majority American party, the Independents. Obama's selection of DALEY is instructive because DALEY is a strong leader and his personal corruption still an unknown at this point! My respect for him is such in another blog's comments I suggested he become the domestic President while the President and VP focus on foreign policy and relationships. The President, VP, and Secretary of State are the strongest foreign policy lineup for the US in almost 4 decades. Not sure if they will succeed but they will have a chance.

ALL OF COURSE ARE AT RISK OF POLITICAL ASSASSINATION! But this risk must be dealt with carefully.

They should start with Haiti and Pakistan! They also need to reject 50 years of a failed Cuban policy! New emphasis on Germany also needs to be accomplished. EURO or not Germany the biggest winner from collapse of Soviet Union. And the US should end its NATO role and strengthen Britain's role as window on EUROPE by fully integrating defense policy and weapons to the extent the British will allow it. Also the US needs to face nuclear proliferation issues directly and build up another ACDA (Arms Control and Disarmament Agency) that is bipartisan and also deals with conventional weaponary.

Remarkably political assassinations seem to cluster so watch out! Just watch Mexico next door to see how killings of media persons can change the course of history. Also Russia! The MSM is not a threat in the US to our system of governance because they really no longer have the capability or desire to take on corruption. Why should be self explanatory. They are part of a corrupt system and process. So they are safe here unlike Mexico and Russia.