Wednesday, April 21, 2010


From time to time I will post a reference document that I think will help researchers as a starting point on a major theme. Upon request will forward them the complete article. Almost everyone of these reference documents have been prepared at government expense. It used to be that you could not copyright anything in writing prepared at government time and expense. Now that rule is changed and one of the great ripoffs of the government is even large firms, such as IT firms insisting in their contracts that government funded systems, processes, and procedures are their proprietary property incuding many documents. Hey wake up Congress. The old rule was better.

Anyhow a very fine article on Biosecurity & Bioterrorism & Biodefense Strategy, Practice and Science appeared in a Journal of that same name in its Vol.2, Issue No. 1 of 2004 copyright held by Mary Ann Weber.

If you cannot find it--check the MIPT website request a copy from me.

Why post this now? The House is about to launch a major effort to reflect findings of the WMD Commission that reported in January 2009 and legislation will be introduced this month to reflect those findings. Hearing expected to be held up until the August recess. It is an election year so even if the essential legislation to operate the gummit has not been passed the Congress will recess so that over 90 % of all incumbents in the House can be re-elected. Hey when will Gerrymandering end (named after Elbridge Gerry)!