Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Price of Assassination

In an op-ed article by Robert Wright in the NY Times posted originally on April 13th and still available electronically on the 17th, the author gives a superficial analysis of the various use of drones (UAV's) against targets in several countries. He reaches the conclusion that he cannot conclude whether this violated international law.

Although this blog is largely FEMA centric from time to time will express views on other topics that I believe will have lasting impact on American life, culture, politics and our democracy (Rebpublic)!

Just as NIXON-KISSINGER should be labeled war criminals for the unauthorized activities in CAMBODIA during the Viet Nam War, President's Bush and Obama and their use of drones also violates International Law. This is not even a close call. Professor John Yoo's concept of a unitary Commander In Chief during war (what war when no declaration by Congress?)is a faulty concept we are now going to see the legal profession ruin its reputation again by opinions supporting these drone strikes. And do the American people and politicians really believe there will be no "blowback" a term used devastatingly by Chalmers Johnson and the American Empire Project led by Tom Englehard. Hoping true legal scholars will somehow resurrect legal analysis sometime. I am not such a scholar but worried that the legal profession is reaching new lows in its striving to please its perceived clients. The Department of Justice is NOT repeat NOT the lawyer of the President with respect to the criminal justice system. My authority is US v. Nixon an 8-0 ruling by SCOTUS on the Nixon Tapes.