Friday, April 30, 2010

Deepwater Horizon Catastrophe

The drill rig explosion and oil seepage may well rival Katrina Hurricane and its impact IMO. Follow news at Gulf of Mexico-Transocean Drilling Incident for best coverage. If you have trouble finding site let me know.

I posted and it was published a letter to the editor of the NATURAL HAZARDS OBSERVER concerning an article in the fall 2008 issue. The letter was published in the January 2009 Observer which is available on-line from the Center for Natural Hazards, Boulder Colorado or me. The letter concerned the Exxon-Valdez Accident and the Stafford Act.

If I was President I would already have declared an EMERGENCY under the Stafford Act pursuant to Section 501(b) of that statute. One thing we know after almost 18 months of this Administration it is not agile in its response to events.