Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Does VLG Do?

The Vacation Lane Group (VLG) is a nonprofit Virginia corporation dedicated to operating in a democratic society to assist in organizing and expanding knowledge of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Emergency Management is the organization of the civil governmental and non-governmental organizational response on a national basis (federal, state, and local) to unexpected events that threaten public health and safety and property, and the civil sector preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery to and from those events. Homeland Security is the prevention of terrorist acts, the reduction in the consequences of those events on people and property, and the response and recovery from those terrorist events.

The VLG is not directly involved, however, with assisting in the prevention of terrorist acts or criminal law enforcement. The VLG is concerned, however, with the effective and efficient integration of technical advice (scientific, engineering. legal) for decision-makers during the crisis management and consequence management phases of terrorist events and assisting in the effective coordination of the response of organizations to unexpected events. In addition, civil-military relationships that occur during large scale unexpected events are also the subject of VLG analysis and reports and assistance.