Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FEMA Directors When FEMA Independent Agency

[Where other titles listed means was not Senate Confirmed
as Director and Acting Director only]

April 1, 1979-August 1979--Gordon Vickery, United States Fire Administrator (PAS) Executive Level V

September 1979-January 1981--------John W. Macy, Jr. PAS
Executive Level II

February 1981-March 1981---------------Bud E. Gallagher
Director, Special Facility Berryville, VA (Career SES)

April-1981-----------------------------------------John C. McConnell
Associate Director for Plans and Preparedness (PAS)-Executive Level V

May 1981-August1985--------------------------Louis O. Guiffrida
PAS-Executive Level II

August 1985-October 1985---------------Robert H. Morris
Deputy Director (PAS)-Executive Level IV

November 1985-June 1989----------------Julius W. Becton, Jr.
(PAS)-Executive Level II

July 1989-May 1990---------------------------Robert H. Morris
Deputy Director (PAS)-Executive Level IV

June 1990-August 1990---------------------Jerry D. Jennings
Deputy Director (PAS)-Executive Level IV

September 1990-January 1993----------Wallace E. Stickney
(PAS)-Executive Level II

February 1993-March 1993---------------------William C. Tidball
Chief of Staff (Career SES)

April 1993-January 2001------------------------------James L. Witt
(PAS) Executive Level II

February 2001-March 1, 2003-----------Joseph M. Allbaugh
(PAS)-Executive Level II

[PAS designates Presidentially Appointed Senate Confirmed]