Tuesday, April 6, 2010

VLG Technical Joke

VLG Technical Joke—2010-4-6

(APRIL 1979-March 2003)

(1) TIP OFF-April 1st, 1979 (Yes, April Fools Day) FEMA opens doors!
(2) FATE ABUSES AN INFANT- Four interventions by fate (a) Three-Mile Island Event [begins March 31, 1979]; (2) Mt. Saint Helens [May 4, 1980]; (3) Mariel Boat Lift [1980-both Cubans and Haitians]; (4) PD-41 [Carter Presidential Directive on Crisis Relocation]. Actual URL is http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/pd/pd41.pdf
(3) Inauguration of Ronald Reagan-January 20th, 1981. Official Reagan Transition report prepared by Dr. Robert Kupperman never read by the WH.
(4) No land falling hurricanes in US during first three years of Reagan administration.
(5) The kindness of Mother Nature-The vindictiveness of Ollie North.
(6) The stove.
(7) The retired Three-Star.
(8) Hurricane Hugo and Loma Prieta Earthquake [1989].
(9) Hurricane Andrew [August 1992] and the February 1993 NAPA study!
(10) The Arkansas Team. [93 Midwest Floods and Northridge Earthquake (94) to Hurricanes Mitchell and Floyd (1999)
(11) Bush 43 and Joseph Allbaugh!
(12) September 11, 2001.
(13) Creation of the Department of Homeland Security. (FEMA ends status as independent executive agency as of March 1, 2003)!