Monday, April 12, 2010

Other Blogs that interest me!

In addition to this largely FEMA centric blog of my own I review almost daily the following blogs:
Disaster Zone
In Case of Emergency
Crisis Blogger

For international and foreign affairs:
Thomas PM Barnett
Juan Cole's Informed Comment
Sic Semper Tyrannis

Also skim the WAPO postings and NY Times!

As I watch the slow disintegration of Homeland Security from the incongrous nature of its formations and focus on organization, nonsubstantive public outreach, and lack of prioritization it will be of interest to see if it lasts long after the Obama Administration has ended. FEMA's natural disaster and mitigation activity is looking more and more incongrous within DHS which cannot seem to find its footing on how it should mesh within the DHS focus on law enforcement and militarization of DHS. Time will tell.
Oddly after forcasts of a relatively mild hurricane season now Atlantic Ocean temperatures may indicate that significant cyclonic storms could impact the Western Hemisphere this year. If Haiti gets a blow than the ongoing human tragedy there will end with further death of thousands. Not just a lost opportunity but a tragedy of such immensity that the Obama Administration now risks having its historic record for good or bad scarred as was the Clinton era by Rwanda. Signs being posted that the decade long effort in Iraq will lead to Iranian dominance well beyond the imagination of US diplomacy and Afghanistan's narcotics production now a fully supported strategy by US military. Well like POGO said we have seen the enemy and its US.